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7650. Suzanne Mubarak
Subject: Please your response is important


I am Suzanne Mubarak, Hosni Mubarak's wife. Egypt celebrates the toppling of my
husband?s regime and presently my husband is being tried for treason while my
two sons are held in jail.

My family is now being tortured. I am bent on getting all I could lay my hands
on to make sure that our future wherever we go to is being protected; mostly my
grand children as I do not know the fate of my husband and sons. The
international community wants everything confiscated but we have these few
funds in some security companies in four different locations that were
deposited without the family's name. This is where I want to partner with you.
I am so scared of who to trust and who to talk to on this matter.

We can negotiate what your take home will be but I am proposing 20% in each
transaction performed. This is risk free and proceedings outlines perfectly. If
you don't want to assist us, please keep this email with you only. It took me a
lot of time to even get in touch with you.

Get back to me for further clarification.

Suzanne Mubarak

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