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7593. Ahmed Khan

Legal Practitioners / Notary Public
Benghazi- Libya

Dear Sir,
It is my humble pleasure to write you this letter Irrespective of the fact that
you do not know me.However, I am in search of a reliable and trustworthy Person
that can handle a confidential transaction of this nature and moreover a
committed christian/ Muslim believer with a passion to assist in this regard
for mutual benefit.
I am  Ahmed Khan, a Business lawyer to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan
President who was just killed on a gun battle by the Rebel opposition in Libya.
This  civil war in Libya is masterminded by the Western World for selfish
political and economic interest as they intend to forcefully remove the ruling
President Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in other to have full access and indirect
control of the oil rich State of Libya through their underground agents via the
Rebels as they are finding it very difficult to influence Colonel Gaddafi with
their policies and moreover Libya is among the strong OPEC member Country  that
takes decision on what happens in the global Oil Market based on the position
Libya occupies as one of the Largest Oil producing Counties in  Africa and 4th
in the world. Based on the Civil war that has resulted to his untimely demise
as before his death,  I have been personally advised by Colonel Gaddafi to
solicit for assistance  of  a good Christian/Muslim reli!
 able faithful who will take posses

This money US$200 Million is with a  Fudiciary Company already in Europe and if
you are interested, we will prepare you as the beneficiary of the total funds,
and you will share 30% of the total funds after clearance from the Vault
Company.It may interest you to know that recently similar transaction was
carried out with one MR. Paulo Zigalo of Milano Incorporated Italy, a committed
Christian as he proved to me, who came to the Vault Company after our
agreement,paid the vault and safe keep charges and  cleared one of the boxes
containing $20million, on my arrival to Italy for our agreement this man was no
where to be seen, this is how we lost one of the box. So I am being careful
this time.
Note, there is no risk involved in this project because l am involved as
Colonel Gaddafi's confident and moreover I am an International Lawyer of repute
and knows quite well the requirements needed to conclude this transaction as
all certified copies of both Certificates of deposit and legality of this
transaction is available.Please you should keep this transaction a top secret
and we are prepared to do more business with you pending your approach towards
this project. I await your urgent response.Note that the above fund is deviod
of  terrorist or fraud related activities and moreover it is bonded and fully

This web sit shows the amount of money size so far by the british government,
but i need you to respond today so we can act fast before confisicate the fund,
it is in safe place  now in have told.

Yours Faithfully

Barrister Ahmed Khan

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