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7591. Ministry of Information & External Affairs (UK)
Subject: Re:Fund Confirm Receipt

Ministry of Information & External Affairs
United Kingdom of Great Britain
King Charles Street, London SW3A 5AH
2010/2011 Scam Victim Court Payment Verdict External Circular
Scam Compensation Approved Amount 500.000..00 GBPS
Payment Ref No: UK.NG/FPEC27808B/2012

Reference to ACT3:29E on FOREIGN FINANCIAL MATTERS and SETTLEMENTS of Supreme High Court of Justice of United Kingdom, we take the liberty to advise you based on Court final payment VERDICT in conjunction with WORLD BANK assistance to compensate and refund your funds extorted from you unlawfully and under false pretence by Nigerian scam activists and Africa in DIASPORA with the sum of GBPS500.000.00 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRISTISH POUNDS STERLING).

Due to certain irregularities in Nigerian government such economic instability, financial crimes, corruptions ,poor holistic approach to debt settlements and unnecessary request for irrelevant funds transfer documents /certificates in Nigerian payment system; we have approved your payment via Addax Bank BSC of United Kingdom.

You are to contact the payment representative at SATANDER BANK, UK for settlements. You are advised to contact the director of all payment in regards to the compensation payment as directed by the World Bank.

Paul Williams
Tel: +44 702 405 1826
Fax: +44 700 601 7379

Note: All statutory obligations pertaining payment/transfer with government Nigeria have been cleared by the WORLD BANK to facilitate smooth payment to the beneficiary. (GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA IS NO LONGER CONNECTED WITH SCAM COMPENSATION AND REFUNDS TO CHECKMATE CORRUPTION AND IRREGULATIES –WORLD BANK STRATEGY).

We thank you for your patience through the process of this payment approval.

Respectfully yours in service
Mrs. Diezani K. Duruakubata
State Secretary to the Minister
Ministry of Information & External Affairs .UK

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