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7581. Farhat Omar Bengdara

I am writing this email to you in all honesty and believing that you are
conversant of the happenings in my home country Libya. My name is Farhat Omar
Bengdara and during the period of 2006-2011, I acted as the Governor of the
Central Bank of Libya. I was manipulated to oversee many heists, false contract
payments and money laundering activities under the dictatorship of late Muammar
Muhammad al-Gaddafi who is the leader of the Libyan people. I had to defect to
Turkey during the Libyan Civil War earlier this month because of the uprising
caused by the Rebels and the fact that I believed in what they stood for. 
You can confirm most of this information by searching my name (Farhat Omar
Bengdara) on The reason I am contacting you right now is
because I know for fact that Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi is going down for his
crimes against humanity and I would not like for him to go down a martyr but a
criminal that he is. My exile cannot make me do a lot of things in Libya but as
a foreign national, I know you can help me right now. My family is in extreme
need and due to my involvement in a lot of things over the years; I have come
to be in the possession of about Fifty Million Five Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars (US$50,500,000.00) which I siphoned from the Gaddafi
I gave a statement in exile concerning this fund and you can see this on: I was
compelled to say all this because I knew that the US Government, The UK
Government, The French Government and the World Bank would be interested in
getting their hands on this money for their personal gain. As I speak, this
money is in a Banker??s Acceptance International Domiciliary Account in
Central Bank of Swaziland and I am ready to move this money with your help to
any part of the world. 
Note that I have a security entrapment on this money so if you tend to report
me to any department due to doubt, this money will move to about 3 continents
before it can be reached. I am asking your assistance here. If you aid me with
this, I will be more than glad to split this money with you. The sharing mode
will be 60% for me, 30% for you and 10% for any miscellaneous payments that may
occur in the course of this transaction. I cannot give you a direct cell phone
to call me right now because of my exile and the fact that I wouldn??t want
to be on the wrong note but if you give me you direct telephone number to
indicate your acceptance of this, I will give you a call. Get back to me only
if you are interested. I wait to hear from you. 
Farhat Omar Bengdara.

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