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7571. GEPetrol
Subject: Request for Partnership!

Hello Partner,
    GEPetrol has temporarily stopped issuing a fresh seller mandate
certificate to new intending license operators for this present sales
operational season. This is due to excessive and outrageous
applications received during this 2010/2011 sales operational season.
Nevertheless as a staff and insider in this petroleum agency, I have a
well packaged procedure by which you can officially own a seller
mandate certificate in your names or your company's name as the case
may be if you strictly follow my instructions. You can use your
personal names or your company's name on the crude oil sales license.
    I have been able to locate a dormant license number
EG/9882MLS2/AFCO belonging to AFCON OIL AND GAS PLC. This License has
not been operative for more than 10 months due to the unavailability
of the company's CEO and therefore has been declared dormant by
GEPetrol" The capacity of this license is one Million Barrels of ALBA
per month. This license attracts a host commission of $3.00 per barrel
sold, If we are able to sell the complete one million barrel allocated
to you at the end of the month, You will be expecting a total amount
of Three Million United States Dollars ($3MUSD) at the end of every
sales operation.
    I was able to trace and get hold of the attorney in charge of this
dormant license and he has agreed to reassign this license to a new
beneficiary as soon as am able to have a good business understanding
with the new partner. The oil lifting license will be re-assigned to
your names/company names as you wish which will take couple of days.
As soon as this is done,we will start up operation immediately. Right
at the moment, I have a buyer stand-by ready to buy whatever quantity
of crude they will allocate to us. The proceeds of this lucrative
venture will be shared in 60% and 40%, 60% will go to you and your
company while 40% comes to me and the attorney.
    This may sound too good to be true because you are not so familiar
with the crude oil business. Believe me, this is the most legal and
lucrative business someone can ever set up. With good understanding,
we will become big time oil merchants in the next few months. Nobody
recommended you; I got your information from a resident directory.
    Nature and Capital Operation
    You do not need capital to start up the sales operation after the
license has been re-assigned to your names/company name. You are only
a sales representative to the National Oil Company; you are just an
intermediary between the producer/seller and the buyer. The
producer/seller is the National Oil Company "GEPetrol" while the buyer
is the entity buying the crude oil either by FOB(Free On Board) or CIF
(Cost Insurance and Freight). After the sales operation the petroleum
agency will pay you a host commission of $3 per barrel sold. The
capacity of the license you are trying to re-assign now is one million
barrels per month; this will give you a commission of $3MUSD every
month at the end of each sales operation.
    Obligation of Partners:
    Your role is to apply for the reassignment of the
lifting/marketing license with the GEPetrol. As the owner of the
license, the commission from the crude oil sales will be paid into
your nominated account after the sales. I cannot own a license because
Iím working for the oil company. I need a partner with the financial
muscles and connections to bid and re-assign a license from the
    I will accept the responsibility of locating the buyers of the
crude oil and negotiate with them to buy our allocated crude oil. As a
staff of the Oil Company, I have good contact of buyers who will be
able to scramble for any quantity of crude oil allocated to us
monthly. I will use my network to arrange the sales transaction to
make sure that our commission is calculated and paid to us immediately
the buyer pays for the crude oil. This will not be hard for me since
Iím an insider in the oil company.
    As someone working with the agency, I cannot front myself to bid
for a license or officially involve myself in a license operation;
this is the more reason why I contacted you in the first place because
it is against the oil industry's norms and ethics.
Just a brief description of myself, Iím a Platform Manager working
under the London office of the National Oil Company of Equatorial
Guinea. The National Oil Company is a major producer of crude oil and
exports to the world market. The oil company is owned by the
government of Equatorial Guinea. The London office of this Oil Company
is responsible for issuing ďoil lifting licensesĒ to intending license
operators and oversees the general marketing of the crude oil produced
by the company. As a Platform Manager, I also assist license owners in
the marketing of the crude oil allocated to them by the Oil Company.
But Iím not allowed to personally own a license or officially have
interest in sales operations proceeds.
    Find below my full contact details:
    Brian R. Douglas
    Upon your positive response, I will  forward  the direct contact
details of the License office for you to direct your oil lifting
license re-assignment application. I will also draft a working MOU
agreement which will stipulate our roles in this project and how the
resulting commissions will be shared between us.
    Kindly forward me with your full contact details:
    Your quick response to this e-mail will facilitate the pace of
this money spinning venture.
Brian R. Douglas.

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