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7569. ENI and AGIP Petroleum Company Inc
Subject: Congratulation

Eni House 10 Ebury Bridge Road
London SW1W 8PZ 
United Kingdom
Tel  (+44) 703-189-7585
Cell (+44) 703-187-5564
Registered in England (Company No. 862823)

I want You to Accept My Sincere Congratulation As Your Email Address Have Been
Shortlisted as One Of the Beneficiary Of this Year Eni Petroleum International
Award.(EPIA) You are Advised to Read and Understand the Explanation
Of this Scheme as Analyzed Below So that You Will Understand this International
Award from the ENI Petroleum International. You have been selected alongside
five(5) other lucky winners have been approved fora payment of
750,000.00 GBP.(Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great british
Pounds) in cash. This program is mainly aimed at alleviating poverty,it is
also aimed at encouraging internet Users worldwide.This email is randomly sent
to 5 people worldwide.If you did receive this email, it means you are one of
the five(5) luckywinners.

You have to get back to us if you are the rightful owner of this E-mail
address contact us for more information on how to claim your prize.

John Evens Jr
Promotion Co-ordinator

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