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7568. Mrs. Cynthia Williams
Subject: 2012 Olympics, A lottery For the Future.

2012 Olympics, A lottery For the Future. Congratulations! The London 2012 Olympics Lottery is proud to inform you that you have won $1.500,000,00 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) Why you have won Your E-mail address is one of 21 lucky Addresses who have won in the London 2012 Olympic Campaign weekly Promotion. I wish to congratulate you on your victory; Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Center. Stated below are your identification numbers: Details on the Winnings REFERENCE NUMBER: UK/2012 /OLY/CAMP BATCH NUMBER: UK/2012/183/CAMP/ SECURITY CODE: 2008/2012/3824 You are required to forward the details of winning to the Claim Agent with the needed information below, to help facilitate the processing of your claims. Contact The Claim Agent MR.GARY LAWRENCE with Below Information's. CLAIM AGENT OFFICE CONTACT. MR.GARY LAWRENCE 2012 Olympic Claim Agent. Email: Email: You're full Name House address/Country Direction phone number Occupation Age/Sex International passport or drivers license You have to note that the IOC (INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE) SUPPORT BARCLAYS TEAM, to create awareness for the upcoming 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES, which is to be host by UNITED KINGDOM, is sponsoring this program. Congratulations once again. Regards. MRS. CYNTHIA WILLIAMS. Promotion Manager

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