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7560. Mr.Williams Satherley

Dear Sir,

I am an old business associate and confidant to former Prime Minister Baghdadi
Ali al-Mahmudi of Libya who is currently on exile in Tunisia. Presently,the
head of the prosecuting authority in Libya,Justice Minister Mohammed al-Alagi
issued a subpoena for former Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmudi to return home
for trial.

Consequently,he has mandated me to look for a capable hand to help him
retrieve/take possession of some of the fund he and the former Head of
State-Col Moammar Ghadafi,deposited with the World Bank Group in
Switzerland.The urgency of the matter at hand is borne out of the fact he might
need these funds to wage the legal battle that is forth coming.

If you are interested to help us on this transaction, be aware that you will be
well compensated. Let me know if you can help us so i can furnish you with all
the details and share ideas on the way forward towards having this fund moved
into any of your choosen bank account.

An urgent response will be highly appreciated as time is of the essence. Reply

Sincerely yours,

Mr.Williams Satherley.

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