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7559. Murco Petroleum Limited

Dear friend,

I   hereby honestly and confidentially  make this request  to you with caution and  also to  
guide  you against  the insurgences and 

increasingly  disseminating   scam  business proposal  around  the  world.

This information above becomes  critical and interesting by  informing with the view to clear 
you from the doubt you may have as bring before


you this  privileged  opportunity being expressed further below .

My name is  Mr  Robert  Brown a  British citizen by nationalization  and   staff  of   Murco 
Petroleum Limited , Wales  whose    operational 

regional  office resides in   London , UK . You can visit  the official  site  my company  at

I was officially  involved in the procurement of   a substantive  bidders that set up three Petro-
chemical  Plants  in the island of  Wales .

The  project budgetary provision submitted to the head of the technical and  contracts feasibility 
department  of  Murco Petroleum Limited 


over the set-up of  the three plants  were deliberately contrived  to take up our personal need 
when dis-engaged  finally from services.

It had taken  great time  and  search  to bring on board   a person with a great sense of reliable 
and integrity to  work with for the 

takeover the place of subcontract to this executed projects.

The  re-appraised  and over invoiced sum of 4.5 Million Pounds Sterling  was the  overinflated 
amount submitted and approved  outside the 
original projects  bid .

However,  the above sum is yet unclaimed because  it  is  only  the technical heads of  which i 
am one of the two  has  privileged  source  of this outstanding amount.

I am urgently  soliciting  with you to  collaborate with us  and  stand for  this legitimate  deal.  
You  must see this as the  most sincere and

honest opportunity coming from a  true friend.

You stand to benefit  25% of the total sum outside any unforeseen  contingencies  in actualizing 
this opportunity.

I will be looking forward to your  urgent consideration and acceptance .


Mr  Robert  Brown.

Murco Petroleum Limited.

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