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Subject: Dear Telkomsa E-mail User
Date: Thu, Feb 9, 2012 04:13 PM

Dear Telkomsa E-mail User,

We have temporarily limited all access to sensitive account features in
our E-mail accounts. In order to restore your account access, you need to
reply to this email immediately with your user-name:(_____________)

Due to much junk/spam emails you receive daily, we are currently upgrading
all email accounts spam filter to limit unsolicited emails for security
reasons and to upgrade our newly improved E-mail account features to
ensure you do not experience service interruption.

You must reply to this email immediately with your user name and password
to enable us upgrade your E-mail Account properly.

A confirmation link will be send to you for the Re-Activation of your
e-mail Account, as soon as we received your response and you are to Click
on the "Confirm E-mail" link on your mail Account box and then enter
confirmation number: 1265-6778-8250-8393-5727.

Thanks For Your Understanding.

Technical Support Copyright 2012.

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