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7531. DiamondLand Belgium
Subject: Part-Time Job


My name is Robert Mccaffer, and I am represent DiamondLand. I would like to present a job offer as one
of our financial intercessor. The job is part time and the incomes are 10% from the payment you receive
depending on your activity in processing the tasks.

For example, at a payment in amount of 1000 USD received by you, your income will be 100 USD. Your
incomes will be deduced from the amount of the payment received and the number of payments you can
process on a weekly/daily basis.

Note that the payments will be sent to you by our customers and they can vary depending on the products
they order.

This job requires little of your free time, so if you are already employed it's not an inconvenient.

Your tasks can be resumed as this:

1. Receive the payment via bank transfers;
2. Keeping your income which is 10% from the payment you receive;
3. Sending the rest of the payment to one of our agents in Europe via Western Union or Moneygram.

If I caught your attention and if you are interested click the link below and complete the enroll form.

Click here to access the application form

As soon as you do that you will be contacted by one of our human resource managers within 24 hours.

Hope to collaborate with you soon,
Robert Mccaffer,
IT Executive,

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