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7530. Stephen Brown
Subject: Re: Urgent Proposal


We are in need of your assistance, I am Sfc.Stephen Brown. I am with the
Engineering unit here in Libya for the United States in quest to capture Libya
Leader. Muammar Gaddafi, we discovered ($27.5 Million U.S. DOLLARS)
that we have
moved out of here to SWITZERLAND soil.

My partner and I need a reliable person, someone we can trust to actualize this
venture. The money is from oil proceeds and it is legal. We moved it by
diplomatic means through the red cross AND DEPOSITED in a private Bank in
Switzerland. You will be require to open a free online account with the Bank
where the total funds will be deposited in your name. 

Now, the question is, can we trust you? Once the funds get to you? We are
willing to offer you 30% I shall however leave out the other details of this
transaction till I receive an affirmation of your desire to participate.

I can assure you that we are completely in charge of the transaction and as such
there is no risk whatsoever if you decide to work with us.It is however
important to say that UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY is of vital importance if we are to
successfully reap the immense benefits of this deal.Please contact me for
further information.

Thank you for your time and I hope to receive a response from you soon.

Sfc. Stephen Brown
(3rd Infantry Division)

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