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7514. Kouakou Cecillia Aya
Subject: ATTENTION...

Dear Benenficiary,
Re: Invitation to sign your fund release order from the Republic of Togo Ministry of Economic 
and Finance and Ministry of Justcie.
As a follow up to the above named subject, you are hereby invited by the Government of the 
Republic of Togo to come and sign your fund release order for the payment of your inheritance 
fund which totals the sum of $7.5Million with the acrrued interest since the death of your relative.
Your name was found in the government of Republic of Togo's Ministry of Justice database as 
the heritier of the above said fund. From our check, you have been alert of this development 
earlier in November 2011 with no response from you. This is the final deadline. Further 
information concerning information that you will be needing will be given to you upon receipt of 
your response.
Mrs. Kouakou Cecillia Aya
For: The Office of the Presidency.

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