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7493. Pascal Mufai

Dear Friend,
My name is Pascal Mufai, I was the personal aid to the former
president of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo before his capture.
While in office, he asked me to keep a certain box containing
huge sum of money for him in his village at a certain place he
described to me but I cornered the box to another location
unknown to him.
I successfully deposited it in a security company abroad. I will
like you to help me claim this box and deposit the money in your
account for any business you may suggest is lucrative for our
mutual benefits.
Please let me know the percentage you will take from this money
for helping me recover it. You can see details from this info;
I am waiting to hear from you so that I will detail you fully,
I am presently in a hiding place now.
Thank you
Pascal Mufai.

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