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7488. Hongkong Huanuo™ International
Subject: Hongkong Huanuo™ International Co., Limited

Hongkong Huanuo™ International Co., Limited
Dear E-mail User

This is to inform you that your email address with MICROS ID MCX-27604-MFG-176CN-9KD
emerge our second place winner of $485,000 plus a brand new Range Rover SUV from the 
HONGKONG HUANUO International... End of Year Promotion.

Please confirm your status by Contacting Agent: Dr. Peter Zhang with info below..
***Full Name

For claims proceedures Send your details to ( ) 
Only.Phone- (+44) 704 575 0323.
Ms Irene Yag. (Sec.announcer)

Confirm Your E-mail ID

Dear E-mail User

Send reply to company Agent peter.zhang@wss-id.o

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