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7474. Barbara Cole
Subject: Help me please

I'm Barbara Cole, I'm 15 years old girl I live in Bolton UK before my Dad
passed away in a car accident 3 years ago, I now live with my step mother in
Warrington, My mother died immediately she gave birth to me. My late Dad
Mr.Norman Cole was a big business man in UK before he died in a car accident
2007 I am the only child of my Dad, he died 3 days after the accident, He Will
all his life savings to me, I have been trying to collect the funds from the
bank but the bank MD CEO refused, he said I should present someone old enough
so he can transfer the funds to the person that I canít be in control of the
huge amount of funds because I am still a teenage and it is against the UK law. 
I would have told my step mother to assist me in collecting the funds from the
bank but she is not a good woman, my Dad warned me about her before he died,
now that I live with her I now understand that what my Dad said about her was
true, because she donít give me attention she donít care if I am alright or
not, all she do is to take hard drugs and bring different men to the house. I
donít want to have anything to do with her. If I get her involved in this she
will use all the funds to take hard drugs.  All I wish for right now is someone
old enough and honest to help me collect my funds from the bank as I am still a
teenage and it is against the UK law.  Why I can't wait until i am 18 years is
because what my step mum is doing to me is not fair and i don't want her to
Influence me with her bad life style i just wan't to live so i can live a
better life. 
I know we donít know each other but please I need your help if you can assist
me to collect the funds from the bank I will give you 50% out of the funds,
Then you will help me invest my 50% until I am 18 and I will be staying with
you or you will get somewhere for me to stay until I am 18 years old.
If you agree to help me, I will send you a copy of the Will and my picture so
you will know me, and I will send you the contact of the Bank and tell you how
much is the funds so you can contact them, and I will inform the bank that you
will contact them that you are the person that want to help me.
I will be waiting for your urgent reply so I can send you the contact of the
bank and my fatherís Will and death certificate.
Please this letter has to be confidential,and I need your 100% trust and
loyalty because the lawyer I got involved wanted to made away with the money,
so I told the bank not to transfer the funds to him, I already promised to give
you half of the funds so please be honest with me.
If you are interested please reply me on my email:
Best Regards
Barbara Cole

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