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6293. United Nation Office United States
Subject: From: Mr. Daniel Steven Steep UN Under-Secretary-General for Internal Oversight (Preview The United Nation Attached Form

Internal Audit, Monitoring,Consulting And Investigations Division.



I am very delighted with your responses and wish to inform you , since the little days that I have spent in Nigeria, there are a lot of  corrupts and fraudulent government officials who are interested in confiscating your fund into their personal account because they know too well that you cannot be able to be in Nigeria to claim your USD$25,500,000.00 Million approved payment they continue in demanding illegitimate and unrecognized fee in other to  discourage and depress you from getting your fund.


We have meeting with the President of Nigeria, National assembly (Senate) and the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Finance  representative, with British Prime Minister  after the resolution of our meeting we found out why your have not been able to receive your fund up till date,  was your contract/in heritance file was mark "RED"  and you where dealing  with wrong people and corrupts officers who uses the name of top government officers to get money from you, this has made your fund and your file untreated and your  fund  remains unclaimed,  Right now, your file has been opened and an instruction has been passed to the United Nation approved and appointed bank for your payment in accordance with the UN LAW for international Payment, we have two different Mode of payment By Wire Transfer or  ATM CARD/ bank Draft Check.


In other to enable us proceed you are advise by this massage to choose the mode of payment you wish to receive your fund and reconfirm your details information with  a copy of your identification. Fill in the information required on the UNITED NATION INTERNATIONAL FUND RELEASE ORDER FORM attached to this mail and return back with the Notarization fee to the UN of $720 as we early informed you in my first mail .


You are to send the fee through the United Nation Attorney  for proper legalization and approval, with the name and information under listed by Money Gram or Western Union as the easier and fasten means of sending  money since I do not have much time to stay here.


Receivers Name:   Ms. Monica McCormick

City:                          Spring Hill

States:                       Florida  34608

Amount:                    $720


Send money transfer control number (MTCN) and payment details to this mail box  for notification of .  I have a very limited time to spend here so I would like you to urgently respond to this message so that I can advise you on how best to confirm your fund in your account within the next 72 hours.


Sincerely yours,

Mr. Daniel Steven Steep
United Nations Under-Secretary-
General for Internal Oversight

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