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6279. Wills Marshall
Subject: Tender


It is my considered opinion to seek your participation in this business
opportunity, which maximized would open up solid profits that could lead to
great fortune. I am the Production Manager for Vegate and Philips Co. Ltd, UK.
Our company deals on ROZALEXINE-14 (DIAMOND POWDER). Formerly I was
in-charge of sourcing the product (Business Development) for our
company for supply to our customers who are in constant demand of the product.
But now I am in the Production section. 
There is a drastic scarcity of the product and the demand so high that the
company can no longer meet up customers demand because of unavailability of the
product. ROSALEXINE-14 (DIAMOND POWDER) is usually imported from
Dubai but for now it is very scarce. I just got information from a reliable
source that the product is available in Rwanda and Accra  Ghana . My company
is ready to buy any quantity that can be supplied because we have a lot of
orders lined up. This is the reason for this business proposal to you.
I would appreciate if we tap into this opportunity to make some money by
procuring the product and selling to my company with small profit. To this
effect, I refused to give the information to my company. I will give you the
contact information of the person that has the product in stock in Accra -
Ghana so that you can ascertain the availability of the material and price. I
will direct you on how to approach my company telling them that you have the
product so that you can supply it.
Our company normally pay immediately products are supplied and will not owe
anything. Terms of payment as usually requested by the supplier, but must be
conventional order as accepted in bank practice. Normally ROSALEXINE-14
(DIAMOND POWDER) is purchased at the rate of $400 per gram and the
company usually need about 2.5 to 5 kilos. You should find out the quantity the
man has in stock and also his price. Whatever price you agree with him, you
will then add $50 on each Gram which we will share on agreed terms before you
supply. This business has continuity as we have standby buyers eager to
purchase no matter the quantity supplied.
You must not let my company know the source of the products, to avoid them
linking with the source, this is to enable the company continue to deal with
you and for us to remain in business. That way we will be making serious money
for ourselves. Please if this proposal interests you do get back to me for
modalities and to give you the contact person in Ghana to confirm if he has the
product needed in stock.
Immediately you confirm, get back to me, so as to enable me direct you to speak
with the person in charge in my company. The company is urgently in need of the
product now to enable us met with demands of our esteemed customers as scarcity
of the raw material is affecting production negatively. We place for order
twice a month and it is a rewarding business. Looking forward for a mutually
beneficial business relationship.

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