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6255. Allied Irish Bank(Investigation Unit)
Subject: Pls,Treat As Urgent

Good Day,

My name is Lord Tuner, a senior partner in the Technical Advisory Board
(TAB) of Allied Irish Bank Group (Senior Security
Specialist). The TAB is conducting a standard process investigation on
behalf of "AIB Group" which involves a client who shares the same
Last Name with you and also the circumstances surrounding his investment at AIB

I will like to intimate you with certain fact that will be of interest to you.
The client died intestate and nominated no successor over his investment in the
bank. Since you share similar detail with the late fellow, I am prepared to
release the deposit to you and we shall share the money 50/50.

I am aware of the consequence of this proposal; I therefore ask that if you
find no interest, please, discard this mail and do not be vindictive. On the
other hand, If you decide to work with me, contact me through my email below
and I will initiate the process.

I am the only one that is aware of this situation. I have evaluated the risks
and the only risk I have here is you refusing to work with me. If we can be of
one accord, we should plan a meeting soon.

Lord Tuner
Private Email Address:
Tel: +447024026739

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