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6250. Jo Whelan
Subject: Letter From United Kingdom Debt Management Office(DMO).

UK Debt Management Office. 
Eastcheap Court 
11 Philpot Lane  
United Kingdom.

Attention: Beneficiary,

My name is Jo Whelan. 

As you must be aware, I am the Controller General for the Reduction of the
National Debt in the United Kingdom(CRND). I am writing you with
regards to your stalled funds transfer you have been expecting from the U.K.
For your interest, I would urge you to accord this correspondence your full
indulgence and attention, as you may likely have been receiving other emails of
similar contents from the numerous fraud syndicate and impostors. The
authenticity and difference would be evident in a moment.

I was specially instructed by the Office of the Prime Minister to embark on a
personal review of all long pending and stalled International Transfer Files of
all Banks Operating in the United Kingdom, including those at our Offshore
Foreign Correspondent Banks, with a view of redeeming genuine cases of
Transfers, and consigning others as bad debt in the Federal Budget. The office
of the Prime Minister has mandated me to ensure that all genuine claim and
transfers are paid.

The Government of the U.K took this major step in addressing these problems of
all stalled transfers as a result of the global financial crisis that has
affected banks by establishing an autonomous National Debt Management Office
(NDMO) to take over payment responsibility on behalf of all banks
operating in the UK.

The creation of the NDMO consolidates debt management functions as a result of
the global financial melt-down for ensuring proper coordination of all payments
emanating for the U.K. The NDMO centralizes and coordinates the country's debt
recording and management activities, including debt service forecasts;
transfers payments; and advising on debt negotiations as well as new
borrowings. It also provides for the establishment of a supervisory board that
has oversight functions on all banks operating in the UK as well as endorsement
of strategic thrusts and policies for the organization, consistent with the
broad policy objectives of government. 

Your transfer file came to my attention just this morning, and I was compelled
to take special interest in your transfer because of its peculiar history of
procedural inconsistencies and unauthorized payment approval documents that are
contained in your file. Obviously all the persons you assigned to process your
transfer have proved to be fraudulent and incompetent. Simply put it that some
management of the Bank have tried unsuccessfully to smuggle your transfer
through a non-existent back door, while impersonating the offices of various
government departments before you, and feeding you with forged transferred

 Consequently, I have this morning ordered the heads of all the relevant
Government Departments genuinely involved in the foreign transfer protocol,
including the Treasury Department, and the Bank to suspend all further action
on your transfer pending conclusion of my personal investigation into the
actual reasons why your transfer has failed to date. Official memos have been
issued to the relevant departments. 

However, preliminary evidence shows clearly that these fraudulent persons you
have assigned to help you process your transfer have been extorting monies from
you through concocted excuses and lies, only for them to divert the monies
collected from you to their private pockets and return back to demand more
monies from you endlessly. Please you should not allow yourself to be deceived
and extorted anymore. As the Deputy Chief Executive, I want to assure you that
your transfer will now be processed through the simple. 

Please discontinue any form of contact with all those you have been dealing
with before now, no matter the nature of your relationship with any of these
crooks, including your local attorney. My intention is to quickly reactivate
and sort out your transfer without any distraction. 

So you are forbidden to preempt anyone of this contact, otherwise I will be
compelled to out rightly cancel your transfer along others a bad debt. 

Reply immediately to acknowledge this advice, and I will instruct you further. 


Jo Whelan. 

Deputy Chief Executive.
UK Debt Management Office.

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