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6211. US Homeland Security Agency
Subject: U.S. Department of Homeland Security



U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Privacy Office
Director, Disclosure & FOIA
245 Murray Drive SW, Building 410
Washington, DC 20528-0655
FOIA Officer: Catherine M. Papoi, J.D., CIPP/G
FOIA Requester Service Center Contact:  Vania T. Lockett, CIPP/G

Attn Beneficairy

:We hereby Inform you, that we had received United Nation
Diplomatic Agent with a full loaded ATM CARD worth of
$15.5Million USD. This Agent Declared that you are the rightful owner
of the said amount found in the ATM CARD.
I the Chief home land security officer David Satcher in Dc, and
We both had investigated the legal documents found from the young man which stated
your name as the receiver's owner of the said ATM CARD
The First Page Documents we found from the Agent indicated that the
funds inside the ATM CARD  was sent from U.S Ambassador Robin Sanders
in Nigeria, with the Advice of Pastor John Goodman, from
Ohio City in America.
Then the second Page of the Documents Stated that you inherited this
funds from one Late Rev Sister . Susan Willy an America who died along with
his family by Auto Crash in 2005 June.
We have indeed examined all the due process of this transaction and we
found nothing against it in all financial crime statues. We have also
take a photo of the ATM CARD which is below view it for your own
knowledge, and get back to us with the Change Of Ownership Legal
documents of this claim as to enable us allow your delivery Agent
arrive your Home.
If you don't have this document get back to us we shell contact the
E.F.C.C of Nigeria By ourselves so that we can request that from
and get back to us.
From The Desk of
Mr. David Satcher.

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