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6153. Bwin Online
Subject: Congratulations


Attn.: Winner, 

In other to encourage the existing and potential customers of InterBwin Online
casino, its management decided to run an email lottery program on all email
addresses within reach. In the procedure, every email address was assigned to
an individual ticket number and all the numbers were electronically spin mixed
to emerge some few lucky winners. Few numbers emerged as the lucky star numbers
after the machine spin, among them is ticket number 341143272906 which was
assigned to your email address, and it won you a lump sum of 2,754,000.00
(Two Million Seven Hundred and Fifty Four thousand United States
Dollar). Congratulation you are advised to contact your claim agent, 

Mr. Cornelius Matthew,  E-mail:

To be instructed on how to receive your prize money. Do remember to furnish him
with (a) your full name (b) you home or office address
(c) your phone number (D) Age (E) Occupation
(F) Marital Status (G) Next Of Kin (I) Country of

Congratulations once again, and hope to count on your further or potential

Yours Faithfully, 

Mrs. Carolyn A. Taylor 

Promotions Manager

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