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6111. Amid walters
Subject: Please Get Back To Me Immediately!!!!!


I am Mr amid walters from Sierra Leone, my father and I was in a Gold mining
business in Sierra Leone, before he was assassinated in 2001, it was lately I
discovered that the curse of his death was as a result of business involvement
with the president as at then, the sum of usd$4,50.000.00 was deposited in the
bank of England in my fathers name, my father wanted this fund to go to the
charity and the president disagreed. As a result of this assassination I
succeeded in relocating to South Africa as a refugee, 

But before his death, he disclosed to me that he deposited the sum of
USD$4,50.000.00 with the bank of England. That the money was ment for his Gold
Mining Co-operation business he wanted to invest in any part of over seas he
finds interesting.and confirming the existence of the fund in London with the
help of my attorney,  and also with most honest and confidentiality.

My Attorney has instructed that I seek a foreign partner to ease the means of
lifting the said fund out of London, because it will be difficult to transfer
the fund to any part of Africa, it was on that note I am writing to formerly
solicit for your assistance by accepting to be my foreign partner, if agreed,
my attorney will draft a memorandum of understanding which will be sent to you
for signature after going through it, we will need your bank account if
agreement was reached on the modalities of how to invest the money in any
lucrative business in your country, to enable my attorney transfer the fund to
your nominated bank account.

Sir, you should understand that this fund is my life and only hope left. I am
willing to offer you 5% from the total amount for the purpose of using your
account for the transfer, please kindly contact me immediately for more
discussion as this transaction is risk free, and all related documents covering
the fund are with me and will be sent to you as soon as agreement has been
reached. I am looking forward to get a positive response from you.

Best regards.
Amid walters.

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