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6073. Maxwell Jonathan


Please Pardon me for not having the pleasure of knowing your mindset before
making you this offer. We are accepting applications from qualified individuals
to work for us as Paid Surveyors. We have an assignment in your area and we
would like for you to participate. The beauty of this assignment is that it is
flexible and can fit all working schedules.

Hundreds of organizations throughout the US, UK, Puerto Rico & Canada
the services of Paid Surveyors to visit their businesses as regular customers
for the purpose of reporting on their organizations service levels, quality of
goods, and overall appeal to the average consumer.

Paid Surveys is an internet based customer experience management agency.

Our clientele includes businesses in many countries. We serve clients in every
region and have a growing membership of about 20,000 members worldwide. We have
an excellent starting pay with flexible schedules. No experience is necessary.
Many Paid Surveyors earn $500- $3000 a week. you would not need to buy any kit
or send any amount, All funds required will be provided by our clients and sent
to you to complete your assignment.

As a Paid Surveyor you get paid to conduct a Simple Survey and provide valuable
Customer Service Feedback to us. You will be required to visit businesses and
franchise locations like stores, restaurants, banks, movie theaters, hotels and
other businesses in your area as an 'undercover customer'. Your job is just to
act like any regular customer and perform a normal business transaction while
you conduct a simple survey and gather information about the quality of service
by staff, behavior of staff and other issues at such locations.

One of our tasks is to evaluate the quality of businesses and financial services
in your area. Businesses like Wal-Mart, Western Union, Banks, Moneygram,
Hospital, Restaurants, Hotels are top on our survey list. This is a great way to
earn extra cash for those professionals already working in or as: Computer
Operator, Teacher, Data Entry, Office Manager, Cashier, Retail, Wholesale,
Waiter or Waitress, Line Cook, College Student, Sales, Marketing, Entertainment,
Human Resources, Secretary,Receptionist, Customer Service,Administrative
positions etc.

If interested, please fill in the details below, Incomplete information will
not be
accepted. We assure you that we would respect your privacy and your information
would be protected with the very best and robust encryption technology in the
market which would make your information very safe with us. We reserve the right
to decline any application for

1. Full Names:
2. Full Address (street, city, state, zip code):
3. Phone Numbers:
4. Current job:
5. Bank Name(Optional):

Maxwell Jonathan.
Paid Surveys

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