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6058. HSBC Bank Plc
Subject: From HSBC Bank Plc, London UK.

Our Ref: HSBC-0OZZ992/bpd1620/04/10.
Attention: Honorable Beneficiary,  
                                      RE:Payment Notification Valued at US $5.6 Million.
In compliance with the mandate given to this bank regarding the release of your pending payment, you are hereby served with a formal notification in that regard.  I am Mr. Carl Michael Dicker, Director, Foreign Operations Department , Hong-Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation London, UK
Be informed that after much consultation and consideration,the British Government, in conjunction with the US Government, World Bank and the United Nations Organization committee on debts/payment matters, have empowered HSBC Bank (London),UK to handle the release of all foreign payments to bonafied beneficiaries of these funds.
As the newly appointed/accredited international paying bank in collaboration with Federal Reserve Bank of New York, we have received instruction from the afore mentioned joint goverment and bodies including the committee on international debt and the board of foreign winnings, compensations,inheritance and contract review panel, to release to you your overdue funds immediately with this exclusive valid transaction no.:wha/eur/202 and transfer allocation No.: hsbc/x44/701ln/wgb/gb, pin code: 78569, certificate of merit no: 104, release code no: 0876; immediate hsbc telex confirmation No: -222568; secret code: xxtn014, having received these vital payment numbers, you are instantly qualified to receive and confirm your payment with the United Nations immediately within the next 72hours.
Be informed that your payment file has been verified as directed by the authorities instructing this payment in your favour, and your name is next on the list of the beneficiaries due to receive their payments this quater of the year 2010.
Be advised that as a result of the number of beneficiaries due to recieve their payments in this second quarter of the year,2010. You are entitled to receive the sum of Five Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$5,600,000.00) only, as part payment so as to enable us also release part payment to other beneficiaries.
To facilitate the processing of this transaction, endeavor to re-confirm the following information below for onward remittance of the release the approved part payment in your favour:
1) Your full Name and Address:
2) Home Phones Mobile and Fax Numbers:
3) Profession, Age and Marital Status:
4) Copy of any valid form of your Identification:
5) Your authentic email address(if different).
Upon the receipt of these information, your payment will be processed and released to you without delays.
Finally, you are strongly advised to discontinue further communication with any other source or person(s) ,office claiming to be in possesion of your fund and/or in postion to helping you to secure the release your payment, this is to avoid distortion of data and/or falling prey to those who might take advantage of you.
Note:- Due to the numerous corresponding we send out daily, our message transmitter some time deliever some messages to bulk folder. This observation and/or complain was brought to the notice of this bank by some of our numerous customers and consequent to this you are strongly advised to check your bulk mail folder regularly for our corresponding.
Your prompt response to the above directive is highly imperative.
At HSBC, we understand people's value and financial decisions.
Yours Truly,
Mr. Carl Michael Dicker.
  London (Member HSBC Group) # 8, CANADA SQUARE,LONDON, SW1A1JB UK Documentary Credits, 3-6 Courtwell Square, Southend On Sea, Essex SS99 2UU  Telephone: 203 3573231 /Fax: 7005-961-775. Telex 368401. CINNAFOREX. SWIFT MIDLGB 22  Registered in England & Wales number 14259). Registered Office: Poultry London EC2P. 2BX 00000/0015600174000000
This email may contain confidential information, and is intended only for the named recipient or the email address recipient and may be privileged. Distribution or copying of this email by anyone other than the named recipient is prohibited. If you are not the named recipient, please notify us immediately and permanently destroy this email and all copies of it. Internet email is not private, secure, or reliable. No member of the HSBC Group is liable for any errors or omissions in the content or transmission of this email. Any opinions contained in this email are solely those of the author and, unless clearly indicated otherwise in writing, are not endorsed by any member of the HSBC Group.
Ce courriel peut renfermer des renseignements confidentiels et privil?gi?s et s'adresse au destinataire d?sign? seulement. La distribution ou la copie de ce courriel par toute personne autre que le destinataire d?sign? est interdite. Si vous n'?tes pas le destinataire d?sign?, veuillez nous en aviser imm?diatement et d?truire de fa?on permanente ce courriel ainsi que toute copie de celui-ci. La transmission de courriel par Internet ne constitue pas un mode de transmission confidentiel, s?curitaire ou fiable. Aucun membre du Groupe HSBC ne sera responsable des erreurs ou des omissions relatives au contenu ou ? la transmission de ce courriel. L'auteur de ce courriel est seul responsable des opinions ?mises dans ce courriel, lesquelles, ? moins d'un avis contraire fourni par ?crit, ne sont pas endoss?es par aucun membre du Groupe HSBC.

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