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6052. Thomas sammy
Subject: Work from home/school part time job offer

Here is a special provision of an employment offer in order to increase
employment rate in USA
irrespective of the age and gender and does not require any professional

This Organization is founded to increase employment among the honest,
trustworthy and intelligent
individuals living in USA to handle some elementary paper work and payroll
administration to our clients in the state Your Obligation is to work for
2hours a day and also listen attentively to given instructions.

Your Job is to take care of all applications with regards to new clients that
are willing to register company in Cyprus.
yours is to be filling all documentations from these individual companies which
will be sent to you under the companies name.

Salary Terms:$100 for each transaction, Get back to us asap via email address
below if you are interested in the
employment offer.

Feel free to get back to us if you are truly interested in the employment offer

Your well being is our concern, we want the people below the middle class and
the middle class to meet up their social conditions


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