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6047a. Dimitri Alexandrovich
Subject: Part-Time Employment Opportunity


We are a company established in Russia in 1997 with our main job of manufacturing jewelry. 
We are looking for financial clerks in your country. An estimated income for a working week 
should be around 300-400 USD.

For more details visit our website by clicking on the following link:

Click here to view the application form

We hope to have you as our partner!

Dimitri Alexandrovich,
Financial Manager,
Tee Jewelry,

6047b. Dimitri Alexandrovich
Subject: Sales Manager Employment Offer

Dear friend,

 Our company, Tee Jewelry INC., would like to present you a part-time employment
 opportunity as a sales manager. Your income may vary from 200 USD to 400 USD per
 week depending on the sales on your country. Enrollment is very simple, you have to
 complete our online application form found on our website:

                                Click here to access our website

 We would love to have you as our partner!

 Adin Andreevich,
 Financial Resource.

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