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6044. EON BANK
Subject: HELLO

288, Jalan Raja Laut 
50350 Kuala Lumpur
24 hours Online Service 
Online Banking Unit.

Tel: +60 143 457 907
Fax: +60 376 008 522 
(24 Hrs Service)

Dear Customer,

Welcome to EON BANK.

After a proper screening and verification exercises that was conducted in our
Bank on the 13th of May 2010 in addition with the confirmation from the UN,
COMMON WEALTH, OAU, EU and The ECOWAS Online Promotional board, that you are
one of the beneficiary of $1.1 Million for the 2009/2010 UN Online Funds

This is to inform you that your funds have been deposited in our transit
account and will be available for immediate transfer into your account which
you are to set up, you are advice to open a Foreign Currency Account with us
where your winnings can be transferred into.

This account will be activated after you have made the initial deposit from
$150 USD as your account activation fee or you can open an online account in
our bank and make your transfer online into any account of your choice.

What next?

We'll advise that you get back to us within the next 2 working days.

Upon receipt of your email we shall send you our sign up application form and
payment details which you are to use in making your initial deposit of $150 USD
for your online account set up, which will allow us to create your account.

Please Note that no deductions of any fees is allowed because we received your
money in BOND and been duly insured, based on our policies and as a result of
the space of time available, you are hereby advised to act fast so we can
provide you with the best of our banking services.

Peter Vameer
Tel: +60 143 457 907
Fax: +60 376 008 522

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