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6041. ITOCHU Corporation Japan
Subject: Part-Time Job Offer For You.....scth

ITOCHU Corporation Japan.
2-1-1493 Mita, Minota-Ku
Tokyo 108-0073, 

Dear Sir or Madam,
This is a real business opportunity for anyone (within the USA, CANADA,
UNITED KINGDOM) with a flexible schedule and transportation at the
extreme. I need collection agents for our company. This is a real second income
opportunity for work at home moms and dads! Hours vary between 2-10 hours a
week depends on our need in your area. Everyone who is accepted will be given
trial assignments. Once you have proven that you enjoy the work and want to
continue the volume of collections and amount you can earn will increase

Once you are accepted we will have our clients pay you on our behalf and you 
will pick up payments for the company nearly every day per our instructions. 
You will keep 10% of all collections as your commission for your work the 
balance will be sent to our suppliers per our instructions to you.
1. Honesty and Integrity--You are handling company funds.
2. Flexibility and Commitment. You need to be available when needed.
3. Attention to detail and ability to follow instructions.
4. Transportation to Pick up Payments and make Payment to Suppliers.
5. Available 7 days a week if needed.
6. Must have computer with Internet access.
7. Must be able to communicate via email and on the phone in English.
8. Income potential up to $35000 a month or more once you have proven you are a 
trustworthy representative who can handle your assignments in a timely 
manner. If you are interested send an email explaining your qualifications 
and why you think this second income opportunity is right for you.
9. If you have a bank account with any of customer friendly banks in the US or
Canada, as well as PayPal account, it will be an added advantage.

Hurry! We have several openings worldwide and will fill these positions in the
next seven days. Every email will be answered. Following a phone interview, if
you are accepted, you must be ready to work immediately.

Note this is not a salaried position with benefits. Your 10% commission is your
pay. The volume of collections determines your earnings. Your earning potential
is based on performance. We do not discriminate on race, color or religion. If
you have a good work ethic you will do well with our company.

If Interested Reply Back For More Details On How To Proceed.
Thank you,
Mr. Goodluck Chan.
Personal Manager ITOCHU Corporation Japan.

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