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6037. Priscal Robert
Subject: good day

Good Day 
I am a lawyer, my late client who died with his wife in 2007 in a car accident, deposited 
EUR.2.810.000.00 in a bank in Spain in 2003, before he died. I received a letter from the bank 
where my client deposited the money in 2003, the bank offer me this, relatives, claiming that the 
money is. I ask that you allow me, you as his relative based on the fact that you get close with 
me to this success. He lived and worked here in spain,as a foreigner. Please let me know if you 
are so interested that I'll add more details and relevant documents that you can to the bank for the 
release of the funds to you. All I require is your honest cooperation to ensure that we see through 
this. I guarantee that this part of a lawful order, you will run from a violation of the law on protection 
and is briefly on the details to your reply. We share the money 50/50%. Make sure you include 
your phone number for my conference call once I hear from you. Please, if you are interested to 
do this to me please contact me if you are interested, please send the information fellowing to 
me, and I will contact you for more information 
(1) full name 
(2) mobile phones
 (3) Age 
(4) nationality 
(5) occupation.

please reply   in my personal e-mail:



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