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5440. Mr. Kojo Appiah
Subject: From Rinabre Mining Co, LTD.

Dear Sir/Madam, 

We Rinabre Mining Co, LTD, located in Ghana West-Africa, hereby state with full
corporate authority and full legal responsibility that we are capable, willing
and ready to supply you with the  Gold nuggets and gold dust/ metal you may
request for in good and clean state to you under the following conditions 

We are sending you the following option and we will appreciate if you can agree
on anyone that is convenient for you. 

- Seller is ready to meet with the buyer in Belgium or any other European
provided the buyer is ready to pay for documentation and export charges for the
delivery of the gold dust to Europe under CIF, the buyer shall be requested to
pay 20% of the total cost of Gold dust intended to purchase and brought to
Europe which the seller will bring to Belgium or any other European countries. 

- In the absence of this, the buyer is requested to come to free zone, to be
precise, London, Holland, France, or Belgium and meet with the sellers
representative, who will allow the buyer to take a test sample and go for test,
and after the buyers satisfy with the test sample he will come and pay for the
documentation and export charges of 20% of the total sum, and take the full
possession of the goods. 

- Above all, it will be our joy if the buyer can come down to Ghana, (we
can send letter of invitation to the buyer) then he will only pay for the
documentation and export charges then go with the goods with one of our
representative,  and pay in 48hours after the refining. 

- Currently we have in stock 500kgs of family treasure gold, which have been
entrusted under our care with power of attorney to sell.  I will like to
recommend this offer to your company because of its prize which is relatively
lower than our main offer. 

Please reply with your agreed option ASAP for business to commerce and the
original offer will be send to you and you return with your LOI. 

We await your prompt reply.

Mr. Kojo Appiah

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