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5171. Grameen Foundation


ATTENTION: Beneficiary,

Be informed that (GF) Grameen Foundation has selected your email to
its official in the commission of world without poverty. The Campaign world
without poverty is to create a day when poverty will be history in the entire
globe. This process is for Economic Growth and a Poverty Alleviation  
Scheme. GF
(UK), a Multi-Million Dollars group, was established with the
objective of
Human Growth, Poverty Alleviation, Educational and Community  
Development around
the world. In line with the 12th anniversary program, (GF) in
conjunction with
the European Council, microfinance institutions is giving out Twenty-Five
Million, Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling as specific Donations/Grants to
only 25 International recipients worldwide in different categories for their
Businesses, enhancement of educational institutions and Social Development so
as to fight against poverty.

These funds are freely given for your Business, Economic and Educational
Development, as well as the enhancement of the overall standard of living of
the less privileged people in your region. It will interest you to know that
your email was selected from your country's chambers of commerce, due to an
internet random selection, you are advised to follow up the process so as to
enable you have this released funds by GF and utilize it for the  
purpose it was
donated/granted for in your community.
NOTE: Please be informed that this is not a gaming competition where  
people are
informed that they won lottery. This is never lottery/monthly promos. Take
note. The means of receiving this fund is strictly via bank to bank transfer.
Note that among the 25 individual, you are entitled to only 1,020,000.00
Million, twenty thousand pounds only).
To enable you sensitize all process, you are advised to send your  
details below
to donations/grant center via email below:
Upon receipt of your details, the officer will direct you to bank where your
donation/grant was lodge so you can have access to finalize the funds transfer
from them to your nominated bank account. Note that your qualification number
which empowered you to have the funds is (GF*108*2210LJG) Please do
not forget
to quote this when sending your information to the donation/grant  
center email.

President Alex Counts.
(GF) Grameen Foundation. (C)
Mohammed Yunus
Instructor. (GB)

Suite 20 266 Banbury Road
Oxford, OX2 7DL,
United Kingdom.
Please do endeavor to provide the following information below:

Full Names............
House Telephone Number...
Cell Phone Number...
Office Telephone Number...
Valid Home Address.....................
Alternate Email Address.......
Your Qualification Number.......
Annual Income.........
Monthly Income....................


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