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5144. fawzia williamson
Subject: LETTER!!!

Dear friend,

Please, review into your mail attachment to read the mail send to you 
and kindly get back to me 

I am looking forward to your urgent response

Sincerely yours,

MR. Fawzia Williamson.


(Financial Services, Investment Advice, Safety Deposits, 
Individual investment Portfolio Management) 
Avd SA 133, 28001 JHB South Africa.
Dear Friend,

My name is MR .Fawzia Williamson. I am the director of operation Safe Trust Investment Securities South Africa. I know this letter will come to you as a surprise but I want you to understand that my contacting you is divine because I want us to do this business deal together. I got your contact from international brochure and decided to contact you for this simple business deal considering the fact that you will help me in the actualization of this great business deal. I am contacting you concerning a fund valued $15,000.000.00 (Fifteen Million US Dollars) deposited with our affiliate bank by our late esteemed customer late Mr. Faik Ayaz, a Turkish citizen and contractor residing in Iraq. He moved this money from Iraq to South Africa for investment. He went back to Iraq to bring his entire family to Spain from Iraq but he died in a bomb blast with his entire family. Click on this page below to read more about the money and the bomb blast:

Since I got the information about the bomb blast and the death of our customer, I felt bad because from my adequate investigation I gathered that all his family members were involved in the bomb blast there by living nobody to claim the above mentioned fund. Based on this I contacted you to act as the cousin, relative or next of kin to our late esteemed customer.

  I will give you information's of the fund which you will use to apply for the release of the fund to you as the cousin and next of kin to the deceased customer. This business is risk free; nobody will suspect you coupled with the fact that I will give you all the information of the fund which will prove to our affiliate bank that you are related or next of kin to the late depositor. Upon the successful release and transfer of this fund to your account we will share the money 60-35% respectively, while 5% will be set aside to reimburse expenses that will be incurred during the transfer of the fund to your account.

Finally, be mindful that nobody here knows that I contacted you for this business deal. To this effect you should please keep this letter confidential whether you are interested or not because if any body here discovers that I gave out this information I will definitely lose my job and will be into big problem. You should signify your interest to do this business deal with me by calling me on my telephone number above or my private email address for security purposes. This business deal will not last more than 7 days if you signify your interest to work with me to actualize this golden opportunity. You should contact me on my private email address: ( for more details.

I anticipate your swift and immediate response.

Sincerely yours, 
MR Fawzia Williamson.

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