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5134. Mrs. Tonia Musekiwa


The attached is an Investment letter
Please, open and go thru it and reply me
It is very Urgent

Best Regards,
Mr & Mrs Musekiwa


I head Federal Contract Review Panel under the Ministry of works that over see the award of contracts for building and furnishing of Nine Stadium for the hosting of 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup in South Africa.
This particular contract have been completed and commission, but the contract was over invoiced to the tone of USD$10,500,000:00, still unclaimed floating at the South Africa Reserve Bank.
I will make recommendation for approval of the transfer of USD$10.5M to your account. My Attorney will prepare all the back up documentation and please kindly send me the below information for the paper work of this transaction.

*Your Full names and Address
*Your company name and your position in the company.
*Your country origin
*Your phone and fax number
*Your date of birth 

The transfer, is legal and will concluded via Bank to Bank and No risk attached from both side.
This is how civil servants make money here and since the money is coming to your account, I will give you 35% of the US$10.5M.
I am waiting for your phone call for further discussion please
This is a top secret and it must remain confidential till the US$10.5M hit your bank account in your country.
Mr & Mrs Musekiwa
PHONE: 0027787961304

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