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4571. Norton Finance Company

Are you having financial distress or you want to fulfill that dream of yours
and you need fund? Are you having difficulties in obtaining a loan from hard
lenders or banks because of their high loan fees/requirements? Do you need a
loan for any legitimate reason? Then worry no more as the "Norton  Finance
Company" has come to offer loans to interested applicants both locally and
overseas no matter the sex or location but age must be 18 years and above. The
applicant is to state the amount of loan needed which will be offered on a 3%
interest rate, under a collateral or non-collateral loan process which can
either be on a short or long term loan depending on the applicant's choice. 

We offer personal loan, debt consolidation loan, venture capital, business
loan, student loan, home loan or loan for any legitimate reason.

For further enquires and to apply for a loan from us, please feel free to
contact our application desk with the details below:

Mr. Tony White

Stanke Kathryn
(Online Advertiser)

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The real Norton Finance, a British company, has much more eye-watering rates of interest than the 3% quoted above. NF rates currently go from 10% up to a massive 30%!!!

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