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4542. Mrs.Rosalina Rona
Subject: From Mrs. Rosalina Rona!

From Mrs. Rosalina Rona!
21-A Lorong 28,Geylang Road,Singapore
398425 Singapore.

Dear Beloved,

Greetings to you in the name of our almighty and unfailure God who maketh all things possible for his children, I am Mrs. Rosaline Rona from Singapore,I am 65years Old, I was once a hindu worshiper as my people do,but ever since i got married,i became a new christian convert and ever since then the Lord has been good to me. My dear I was married to a Nigerian Mr.David Rona, and we lived happily for years without a child which gave me countless sleepless night.

I am presently back in singapore due to the calamity that befell upon my sweet family,My husband died in an auto crash on his way to work on a broad day light,ever since then the family of my husband has never allowed me to have my piece all because of the worldly things, things of the earth. My husband was an engineer who worked with the chevron petroleum plc, all we had before his death was threatened to be inherited by his people since i could not give him a child when he was alive.

My dear, I sold all i had and all i was able to inherite from my husbands wealth and donated a sum of $8.5million USD in a security vault with the Haggai Microfinance Company Nigeria,My dear after all these predeicaments i went through,My fate and my mind could not carry them so i fell ill, I am presently suffering from a long time cancer of the lungs,also runs out of blood almost every week, I am also facing a peneouma disease,but i thank God that i am still alive to accomplish my mission on earth.

My dear, presently the security company wrote me to come forward and recieve my fund, or issue a letter of authorization to someone abroad that i can trust to claim the fund on my behalf and have it used as i wish since i cannot come over.My dear due to my present health condition, I cannot go through these processes by myself,so i need you to contact the security company on my behalf and have the fund wired to you.I want the fund distributed among the charity organisations,the less previlaged ones,the motherless babies homes, build a cancer hospital,build an hospital for the sick.

I want you to be a God fearing,always remember to love one another as you love yourself,always put me in your daily prayers and always know that God first before any other thing. My dear as soon as i hear back from you, I shall instruct and direct you on how you are going to contact the security company with some code of identifications which i will release to you.

I do not want trust to betray me so i am doing this as the Lord has directed me to, I took this drastic decision because i have finally known that all these wealth are vanity upon vanity and one day we shall go without it.

My dear please put me in your daily prayer regarding my health, and i hope to hear back from you as soon as you can, so we can proceed.

May the Lord bless and keep you always.
Mother Rosalina Rona.

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