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4538. Markt Lottery International Espanol
Subject: Esteemed Winner

Markt Lottery International Espanol
Calle Granvia,
Madrid, Spain

Attn Lucky Winner,

We are pleased to inform you that you have emerged as a winner in the final annual draw of

our Lottery International Programs. Your email address was selected by our Electronic Random

Selection System (ERSS) from an exclusive list of 800,000,000 e-mail addresses of individual

and corporate bodies generated from an internet resource database.No tickets were

sold.Ticket Number: 444821545-ES/2008 SerialNumber: KPL/09-008/SP.

You are therefore advised to receive a cash prize of 2,500,000.00 USD(Two Million, Five

Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) from the total payout.

Your prize award has been insured under a bonded depository policy with your e-mail address.

To file for the processing of your prize you are advised to contact Mr Richard Rozale with

the information below:

Mr.Richard Rozale
Tel: +34 622 299 258
Fax: +34 940 460 841

Endeavor to provide him with the following informations:

Telephone/Fax number:...........

Mr.Alex Martinez.
Lottery Co-ordinator

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