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4531. Lisa And Kelvin Auger
Subject: Dear Respectful One (Treat as urgent)

  Dear Respectful One,

  After going through your profile,I became interested in disclosing everything
about myself and my younger brother to you. I am Lisa Auger 16 years old with
my only younger brother Kelvin ; we are the only two children of late Mr and
Mrs Peter Auger a Business man from Canada who reside in Africa before his
death. We lived in Federal Capital Territory of ivory coast.

  Our mother died when we where babies and since then, our father took us so
special because we are motherless before he was poisoned to death by his
business associates in march 2007 on their outings business trip. Before his
death, He secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has the sum of
eight million, five hundred thousand US dollars (US$8,500,000) left
a fixed/
suspense account in a finance company, that he used my name as his first
Daughter as the next of kin in depositing the fund.

  He told me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his
bussiness associate. When we Consulted some Ritualist and Oracle from a
Magician. He instructed me that, I should seek for a foreign partner in a
country of my choice where I can transfer this money and use it for Investment
purposes or into any lucrative trade business.

  After the death of my father, my late father bussiness associate have being
chasing i and my younger brother to kill us and collect all our father
property. Because, they are natives of africa and they knew we dont have any
family relatives to help us out here in africa, they have succeeded in
collecting our car and houses and i now ran away with the documents used in
depositing this fund. We are hiding in a Church where no one can trace us and
we are with all the funds documents. I went to the affiliate finance  
company to
claim the money and they refused to release the fund to me because of the
instructions my late father lead with the bank that I have to attend  
the age of
25 years before the fund will be released to me or I have to present a foreign
guardian who shall receive the money on my behalf as stipulated in the
agreement with the finance company.

  Please we are humbly seeking your Assistance to stand as our guardian to
receive this fund to your account in your country so that we can come over to
further our education in your country after the money had been  
transferred. You
will also help us invest and manage this fund for us untill we finish our
education. Please reply and tell us how much we shall offer you for your
assistance after the sucessfull transfer to your account.

  As soon as we hear from you, we shall forward to you the contact of the bank
where the fund is deposited.

  Please reply fast.
  Thanks and God bless!
  Lisa and Kelvin

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