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4520. The Body Shop at Home
Subject: Join The Body Shop at Home

Start Living your Dreams
New Consultants can start their own
business for just $69.
(September Promotion. Quantities limited).

**************Request our free DVD.********************

Earn up to 40% selling the products you love.
Call me to join now or click on the link above... Or, as a Host you can 
receive free products, half price shopping and exclusive offers! You 
choose a date, a party theme and invite your friends. I'll arrive with 
armfuls of gorgeous The Body Shop® products and a wealth of beauty 
secrets, tricks and tips to share. You and your guests relax and enjoy 
learning how to pamper yourselves.
Send me an email or give me a call to get all the details on hosting 
your own GNO, to learn more about these great offers or how you can 
start your own The Body Shop At Home™ business. Whatever your income 
goal is, I can help you achieve it!

Lorraine Cormican
Independent Consultant 9006460
The Body Shop at Home
Shop with me or sign-up at

Want to hear more about our AMAZING Business Opportunity?
Call 507-726-3768 and hear how this business can change your life!

Enjoy time with friends... Let me bring the store to you, so you can 
enjoy shopping from your home. Touch, smell, feel and play - spend as 
long as you like choosing products that are right for you. And as a 
host you can enjoy free products, special offers and half price 
Party for a living... If you would like to join a world-renowned, 
values driven brand — Enjoy our fabulous naturally-inspired products — 
Start your own business and become your own boss - Enjoy flexible 
working hours - Find a fun job that fits around your life - Earn extra 
income - Call ME!

Client is liable for content of the advertisement.
PO Box 66738
Saint Louis, Missouri 63166-6738
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