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4428. LloydsTSB Bank
Subject: Important Security Alert From Lloyds TSB Online Banking
Date: Sun, 19/10/2008 06:50

We are sorry for the inconvinience this limitation may cause to you but this measure has been taken by our system which has noticed during our daily security controls a slight error in your Online Banking Account Information.

Cause(s) that might have lead to your Account Limitation:
1. When your account was created you have submited invalid information.
2. You have been travelling and you have accessed your account from different areas.

Due to increased risk of fraud our security measures have reached the highest level and it is possible that that our scheduled security checks have overreacted to some harmless errors.

* Ensuring security for our customers is a top priority at LloydsTSB.

* If your account is limited you can't make or receive any kind of payment.

* Please spare 2 minutes from your online experience and remove your limitation.

To restore account access click the link below:


Regards, LloydsTSB. Warning! Your Lloyds Account Is Locked Lloyds Security Message:[Protect Your Account]!

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