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Subject: At you can track all of your personal items, their estimated value, pictures and even receipts
To: Tomas Drake <>


Are you ready for an insurance claim?

Find out how to get a free account to Your Home Index, an online home inventory

If you ever have to file an insurance claim you will now how important it is to
have an up to date home inventory.

In case of fire, theft or any other disaster, most all insurance companies
require that you prove the condition of your property proir to the incident.
Having a well documented room by room list, with important item information and
even photos make this a lot easier for you and your claims adjuster. 


Having a Home Inventory is a great step, but if you are storing it in your
house you are just asking for trouble and heartache. What's going to
happen if you go to retrieve your inventory and it has been burnt up or water
logged. That's we store and advocate storing all Home Inventory
information remotely. Our online service accomplishes that. 



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