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4399. Sai Chong Cheng
Subject: Interested???


I am a straight forward person and this is the same way I Would like for
you to respond to this email, should you be interested in it's content or

I know that this message will come to you as surprise as we do not know
each other. I am MR. Sai Chong Cheng, Head - Centralized Processing,
Export and Industry bank (Philippines). There is an account opened in this
bank in 1999 with a huge sum and since 2001 nobody has operated on this
account again. Investigations revealed the owner is dead without a
beneficiary. I am contacting you so the funds can be transferred to your
name as a foreigner. Contact me via my email: so
I can give you the details.

I look forward to your reply

N/b i do not need your help with legal bills so you do not have to worry
about sending me money. this is for real.

Sai Chong Cheng

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