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4397. Dr. Wilfred Paul

Dear  Sir/Madam,

  I am Dr.Wilfred Paul, the manager of research and management department .
Jacus international,UK .

I do not only write this letter based on the duties and obligation assigned to
my office, a special order from the managing director instructed I to do so.
This is a research programme in which the management of the company  
conducted a
survey research to enabled the company to acquire knowledge and ideas of the
nature of business to involve in other countries.

The managing director of the company has already awarded the sum of 35 million
U.S dollars to be invested into a lucrative business in your Country. The fund
has already been transfered to a Global Security Company ,UK. So being a
director of a Company, we seek your assistance Technically and Morally to help
us transfers this fund to your Country, so that we can utilize it for the
proposed purpose ( Business).

The managing director has also awarded 25% of this fund as a consultancy fees
that is
to be paid to you after the transaction.

  For more details, send your reply to

  Your immediate response is anticipated.


Your's faithfully.

Dr. Wilfred Paul.

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