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4386. Powell John

Valued Attention!
Our mission is to resolve pending transfer and we have come across your full entitlement valid Nine hundred thousand US Dollars exists in our records for your outstanding Inheritance fund or Award winning payment which has been delayed due to many abnormalities that had happened in the apex institutions.

We have been requested to advice to you that the following funds which will be paid to you will be only and safely made through International Banking Deposit, You will receive the withdrawer’s codes to pick up the cash officially at any convenient bank locate in your area. Considering this development, you have to normally bear the one-time processing fee $90 for the account activation;

So, kindly furnish us with Your accurate contact details for scrutiny and possible consideration via this email OR so we can proceed accordingly.

Thanks as we believe this is in order.
Yours sincerely,
Powell John .
Director Account Integration
International Banking Group
Off -shore payment centre -
Affiliated to world associations of
debt management offices finance house - MAURITANIA
Cable Add : Nouakchott MN84-02025 No. 10308. MAURITANIA

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