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4369. Uefa Champions League Commission
Subject: Reference No: UK/9420X/68

Dear Winner,

The Local Organizing Committee of the UEFA Champions League is glad to
announce to the world the giving away of the sum of FIFTY MILLION POUNDS
to 100 lucky email addresses all over the world. This promotion is in
Appreciation of our International Support for the past Soccer Events and
the correspondent earnings at the stock market which was far beyond our
projected quarterly earnings.

Be informed that all winners in this program have been selected randomly
through a computer ballot system drawn from over 1,500,000 companies and
individual e-mail addresses database. Your email address happened to be
one of the lucky winner of  £500,000.00 (FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS
STERLINGS) among the Hundred email addresses chosen. In order to claim
your prize, you will have to fill the form below and send it back to us
for verification and then you will be informed on how your Cashier's Check
for the sum which has already been deposited with your email contact.

Reference No: UK/9420X/68
Batch No: 074/05/ZY369

For payment, please do provide with the following information’s: And
send to our Agent, Please Note That all response should be sent to:

Name: Mr.Walter Smith
Uefa Champions League Agent.

Full Names:
Marital Status:
Phone numbers:

John Blair.
Online coordinator Uefa Champions League.

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