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4345. Mark Johnson
Subject: Job Offer(Get Paid Weekly)

Dove Fabrics Ltd
69-73 Ridley Road, Dalston,
London, E8 2NP, United Kingdom
TEL, 44(0)7031970677
                           REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED.
                *****JOB OFFER WORK FROM HOME (GET PAID WEEKLY)*****

Compliments of the Season, I'm Mark Johnson,Human Resources head of Dove Fabrics Ltd Based in the UK. We are currently in search of a book-keeper/company representative in the states.Your Job description is as follows:
1) You would receive payment on our behalf from any of our various clients which would come in the form of Bank wire, cashiers checks,travelers checks and money orders.
2) You then get the payments cashed/deposited at your bank.
3) As soon as the payment has been cleared by your bank,you then deduct a commission of 10% of each payment you would be receiving on our behalf which you are entitled to as our representative
4)You thus send the remainder funds back, details would be given as soon as it has been confirmed you have received payment.
Our payments will be issued out in your name as we would inform our clients to do.Therefore the following details would be needed from you via email:

1) Full name
2) Physical Address with your state,city and zip code
3) Phone number/numbers
4) Age
5) Occupation
6) Bank Name
7) Nationality

Once we have confirmed your details,it would be forwarded to one of our clients and they will start making payments to you as the company's representative in the states .We would notify you as soon we confirm that one of our clients has mailed out payment to you. PLEASE REPLY WITH THE REQUESTED INFORMATION TO ANY OF THE EMAILS BELOW :

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