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4343. Jacus International Ltd.


                  JACUS INTERNATIONAL LTD.

I am Dr Jonathan Sharp of the Jacus International Ltd company uk. To whom that
maybe interested. I am the research manager to the company and i have been
authorised by my company to search for a reliable person who is to be
with $39 million meant for the company private research programme. This is a
global search for a foreigner who will take advantage of having 30% of the
programme if you agree to be a trustworthy person..

We will trust and dopesit this fund in his proper care for the effective
funding of the project that will be carried out in your country. This is based
on the fact that it is a global search for a reliable person with good
reputation. This fund has been deposited with a global security
company here in

If it interests you, please open effective communication with the following e-
mail address contact:  Or Call : +447024088343,


Dr Jonathan Sharp,
England, Uk.

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