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984. eBay
Subject: eBay Respond Now
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 05:49:59 +0000

NOTE: this survey has been disabled so that any information entered cannot be transmitted to the phishers.


Complete our survey and enter to win 1000 $ in cash!  
It's that simple. Why not do it now.

How often do you visit our site?

Every day
Several times a week
About once a week
Several times a month
Less than once a month

How would you rate our site in the following areas?

One of the best
Above Average
Below Average
One of the worst
Ease of navigation
Speed of loading
Quality of content
Quantity of content
Visual attractiveness

How likely are you to:

Not certain
Probably not
Definitely not
Acquire another product from
Recommend our website to someone else?

What do you like most about ?

What do you like least about ?

What features would you like added or changes you would like made to

How frequently do you surf the Web?

Every day
About once a week
Several times a week
Several times a month
About once a month
Less that once a month

In a typical week, how many hours do you spend on the web?

0 to 5
6 to 10
11 to 20
21 to 30
31 to 40
More than 40

How did you first hear about ?

Search engine
Another web site
Newspaper / Magazine / Ezine article
Recommendation of friend or business associate
Don't know / Don't remember

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