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983. Bank of Scotland Halifax
Subject: Your account!
Date: 2006/11/23 Thu PM 02:14:40 GMT

Bank of Scotland Halifax phish

And this fool dared to come here and prate of ghosts! dickens antarctica "What have you been doing?

He looked up at the ceiling and saw the intertinked W's waltzing drunkenly across the plaster. You break that brat's head, damn quick! Geoffrey merely tightened his already hysterically tight hold on himself. The next cutting was from the Manchester, New Hampshire, Union-Leader. For one bottle! He guessed she had drunk directly from it, and that her fingers had been covered with gravy or ice-cream when she did it. That would have been like junking an expensive car just because of a broken spring. bryan

Also received as:
From: Bank of Scotland Halifax
Date: 2006/11/23 Thu PM 02:14:37 GMT
Subject: Attention From Bank of Scotland Halifax.

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