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962. Verified by Visa Support
Subject: Your 37679041 order information
Subject: Visa card transactions on 11/04/06 and 11/05/06

Dear Customer,

This is a note from Verified by Visa Support preventing unauthorized use of your credit card.
Inconsistency found during your Visa card transactions on 11/05/06 and 11/06/06.
Verified by Visa Support has failed to connect to you using the new telephone number provided.
Attached to this message is your card report to verify transaction times and details.
Please disregard this message if you have entered your telephone number incorrectly during these transactions. If you suspect unauthorized use of your credit card please report this to the Customer Service immediately.

Verified by Visa Support
Attached: TRS-20067720.exe
(Not the sort of thing any sensible person would open!)

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